You dream it. We build it.

Breakthrough develops custom web, mobile, and enterprise software solutions for early-stage ventures, progressive companies, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Technology partner

We partner with entrepreneurs, small business CEOs and investors to launch new opportunities founded on innovative technologies.

Handcrafted software

We specialize in the development of scalable software products. Our value-add is as much about who we are and how we work as it is in what we create.

One of the most brilliant technologists that I have ever worked with...a broad spectrum of capacity in understanding a particular business problem and then actually building a solution for it from scratch with a high performing architecture.

- Sandy Weil, Managing Director, OpenLink Financial

...they have always brought creative thinking and problem solving to each project...very detailed and process oriented and their technical knowledge is extremely broad and deep.

- David Raymond, Customer Engagement | SEO, Disney

...the only company that exceeded expectations on every level. They have the ability to foresee potential issues that are so far down the road the concept would not normally cross one’s mind.

- Andrew Bensinger, CEO, Replibit

...a level of integrity second to none. Their knowledge is vast and they have the ability to process and solve complex problems with elegant solutions most efficiently.

- Mark Laisure, Executive Producer, Edge Visual Studios