We should be your very first technology hire.

We're kindred spirits.

We've launched and led companies, and we enjoy working at warp speed to create value and disrupt markets. We understand the challenges of being an early-stage company and know how valuable it can be to have a real partner as opposed to a vendor. With Breakthrough, you'll be talking strategy with fellow entrepreneurs, brainstorming with very talented tech types and developing great contacts that can help you get to market, get to customers and get to funding.

We understand the value of a dollar... and of equity.

We understand the challenges of being early-stage with a great idea in search of funding to grow your company. We can help by being your technology co-founder and attracting investment capital without giving it away. With Breakthrough, you're getting a team - not an individual - that can provide real-world guidance and execute on your vision while maximizing every dollar you invest in your platform. Your investors will love you for it.

Are you a good fit to work with us?

  • You have a unique idea that can disrupt a market
  • You and/or your team have domain expertise
  • You've validated a market need for what you’re trying to build
  • You’ve been able to raise a seed and/or angel round
  • You’d benefit from a technology co-founder or partner
  • You’re committed and available to participate in its success