You have options. We have investable solutions.

We have our own secret sauce.

In addition to our work with a select number of early-stage companies and SMBs, Breakthrough is in various stages of development with several disruptive technologies in today’s most relevant industries. We understand what it means to start and run private and public companies, so we bring a sensibility to our development work that attracts savvy investors seeking superior returns.
We welcome the opportunity to work with investors who are interested in participating in the monetization of our current and future technology portfolio. We can do this through a variety of channels: Putting each technology into an operating company and taking it to market, establishing licensing agreements with partners that would generate a recurring revenue stream for us and our investors, joint ventures, or selling intellectual property to a strategic buyer who is seeking to round out an existing product line.
As founders and company executives who have raised capital, we understand how to work with investors who are seeking above-market returns. You’ll find that we’re efficient, focused, credible and do our research before undertaking new projects. If you’d like to learn more about any of the technologies in our portfolio or if you have an idea or investment that needs help getting to market, please call or contact us.

Our portfolio includes a variety of proprietary technology innovations.


End-to-end solution delivering the accelerated transport of files, rich media and data packets over broadband communication networks resulting in performance gains up to 100x over traditional ftp and http transports. Products consist of cross-platform clients, fault-tolerant servers, replication agents and virtual disk technologies. Broadwake-powered products are deployed in thousands of customer locations throughout the world across a diversity of industries.


SaaS solution measuring interactive user-behavior across mobile and web experiences. Applications include real-time concurrency metrics, segmentation targeting and actionable eventing to personalize ecommerce experiences.

Consumer Select

Branded discount travel offerings targeting large membership organizations and niche consumer markets. Portfolio consists of two online platforms delivering curated savings including Credit Union Travel Club and Hotels4Expos.


Intellectual property portfolio consisting of travel-oriented technologies and platforms powering next-generation meta-search, price curation, and vacation travel services. HotFlock has its own normalized hotel database with plug-and-play integration into the largest booking providers in the world.


Ultra high-speed data search technology delivering scalable archive, list management, search, segmentation and fulfillment capabilities for the data industry. The solution delivers sub-second search results across a billion consumer data records with real-time analytics processing, data export and reporting.