Dream big. We're with you.

We'll help get where you want to go.

You’ve got great people and meaningful revenue. There are things you’d like to do with technology to grow your company and make it more valuable, but the time and resources required to do it have eluded you. The velocity of change in technology is only increasing, and as leaders of a small business, your customers expect your technology to meet their needs across all platforms.
Social. Mobile. Cloud. Big data. Analytics. So many opportunities (and challenges), but so little time - and there’s always the matter of having the talent to pull it off. With Breakthrough, you’ll have access to technology innovators and business development principals (and their connections) that can partner with you to deliver on your vision for your company.
This is where we come in. Breakthrough Technologies is a technology venture firm that specializes in working with early-stage and SMB companies to deliver award-winning technology, relationships and practical advice and connections to help your company reach its potential.

Innovate like a startup, compete like a champ.

Think partner, not vendor.

Our principals are technologists and entrepreneurs who have run public and private companies and are focused on turning your ideas into assets. We want to be a vested part of your team.

Aligned interests.

We prefer to work with companies who are open to an equity participation arrangement. This ensures our interests are closely aligned to grow your business and its value.