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Enterprise and SaaS Solutions
We build products that are easy to use and beautiful to engage, on phones, tablets and whatever is next. Underneath the hood of each Breakthrough project is the potential for your brand and business to scale.
Breakthrough's proprietary digital delivery framework optimized for the rapid development of accelerated file transfer, off-site replication and cloud vaulting applications.


Robust file and messaging server supporting data acceleration, protocol-agnostic session management, streaming file transfer, random file access and multiuser concurrency.


Delivers real-time block-level access to remotely archived files and folders hosted in the cloud as a locally accessible disk, optimized with transport security and data acceleration.


Interactive client supporting connection management, manual and scheduled file transfer operations and remote administration of Vault and Drive services, for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Application suite for highly reliable off-site replication of server backup images with enterprise-grade security, scheduling, monitoring and notification services.
Broadwake is the core technology used to drive TIBCO’s Rocketstream® suite of products which were originally designed and built by Breakthrough Technologies. Current Rocketstream customers can acquire updated licenses by contacting us.
Clients & Industries
Their success is our success. Industry experience paired with enterprise-class development.

POS Fraud Detection

Web-based fraud management system, combining retail point-of-sale data, archived video surveillance and a unique analytics and scoring system to detect theft at the register.

Financial Analytics

Enterprise-class financial analytics system and the largest repository of private company financial data in the world. Customers on the platform include Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.

Online Banking

Real-time web access to consumer investment portfolios for one of the world's leading financial software and services companies.

Multi-Brand Content Portal

Consumer services portal containing over 3,000 pages of dynamic content, serving all divisions of one of the largest utility providers in the U.S. and its 4+ million customers.

Mission Critical Monitoring

Real-time alarm monitoring platform based on innovative cellular data burst technology. Winner of Best New Product award at the International Security Council Show.

Sales Process Automation

SaaS-based financial sales and reporting system to support the sale of deferred compensation packages for high net-worth individuals and corporate executives.


Interactive multi-media game system for one of the world's largest media companies.

Manufacturing Instrumentation

Line of tread measurement and analytics products for the tire manufacturing industry. Customers include Pirelli, Goodyear, Cooper Tire and Michelin.

...a passion for crafting user solutions, and their skills as a software-based problem solver are prodigious. They tackle challenges head-on, and wrestle them to the ground swiftly.

- Steffen Koehler, Director, Finisar